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At US-REVIEW we review only the best adult shop & products in the world. Once we have analyzed the product we then post it online and let Australia make an informed decision. Adult sex shop toys are now online everywhere and who knows what companies are ethical and have great products? We take the guesswork out and support and review only the best online for men and women.


Adult Sex Toys

Black Label Sex Toys – This is an amazing business that provides only the highest quality sex toys for adults online in Australia. Their stock is always the most recent in the business and the majority of their products have been either designed or made in the US.

Adult Shop

Adult – is Australian and definitely the highest quality supplier in Australian adult fun. Their online store stocks absolutely ever sex product you could ever wish to enter your bedroom. This company has been in the adult scene for over 15 years and quite simply keeps doing it better with no real competition in the Australian online sexy shop toy market. Specializing in high-class dildo’s and strapon’s Adult Shop also gives expert advice when the buyer is unsure of which device to purchase for their bedroom. They accept credit card, pay pal and over the telephone payments.

Galss dildo for anal play
Femplay Adult Toys

Female Play – Female play is an amazing online store that targets directly the needs of any and every woman inside the bedroom. Whether you are a lady who is into kink, vanilla sex or straight up hardcore dildo action this site is for you. From bondage ropes to handcuffs this online sex shop has it all. Their large selection of Japanese rope play is probably the finest selection available online. Catering for women allows this company to provide some extremely sexy and classy devices. The store is not just for lesbians but also straight women who would like to steer away from the seedy adult world. Pay Pal and credit card are accepted with there price ranging from $30.00-$3,000 this is a high-class supplier.

sex toys review Australia

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Online Sex Toys Shop In Australia

Our adult shop and stores toys reviews are real and genuine. We only provide Australia accurate information that is one hundred percent verified. All recommendations provided you will be able to order through your credit card or pay pal.

We provide you the buy with online suppliers that sell strap-ons, gags, dildo’s, whips, cock rings, porn movies, DVD’s, costumes, handcuffs, anal plugs, and much much more. 

We all have sexual fantasy’s, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Let us be that online store that you go to for all your XXX products for your home. We understand the need for confidentiality and provide a guarantee that all records are 100% safe. Your partner will never find out that you have purchased from our store. Shopping for mature toys has never been so easy we take the guesswork out and let your sexual playtime be an easy journey.

The Best Online Sex Toy Shop Reviews For Men & Women In AUS

Why do we put up a web page and make this recommendation?

The answer is simple, at USREVIEW we try to give you the online sex seeker nothing but the best choice in Adult Entertainment. We all buy the occasional toy from the sexy shop. If you don’t then it could definitely be something you need to look into. Our internet service to the sex industry is second to none, take a look at our pages we are clearly head and shoulders above the competition. Everything we do is quality.

Dildos For Australia Online

Dildos for men and women come in all shapes and sizes and nowadays are considered not just for women. It is common for men to use dildos, however, in general, they are a sex toy preferred by women easily sourced from any store.  Rubber dildos with steel on the inside were available in the 1940’s. Many received injuries from the steel protruding through once the device had cracked. PVC dildos came much later and their popularity scored high marks amongst users. However, PVC cannot be sterilized and other forms of plastic are now used in nearly all vibrators and dildos available.

Rubber Vagina’s Sex Toys Review

Rubber vagina’s as funny as it sounds are becoming extraordinarily popular among young single men. The craze is not new, from the introduction of plastic people have been attempting to form the material into a sex toy for decades. With upgrades of silicon this has become safe, easy and a highly erotic experience for many men. It is common sense that one day an object or machine could become a replacement for a real woman, and now here it is. In our reviews, rubber vagina’s got a 7 out of 10 for the sexiest device on market.


Strap-ons are made in many different styles and created for many different purposes our online sex shop recommendations carry some of the best products on the market. Their style of creation is usually adjusted due to the sexual intent of the user. Made from many different materials generally, there will always be a harness and a dildo inserted into the harness. They are a versatile toy that any gender can use in the bedroom. Strap-ons are not limited to the waist and have also been created for the wrist on the mouth and other body locations.

Whips & Floggers

Whips and floggers are massively in trend since fifty shades the movies was released. The new generation is now more open to BDSM than any generation in recent history. Impact play is where a whip or flogger is used to strick the submissive partner. In BDSM the bottom or submissive is struck with either an open hand or an instrument. We supply the best references to online sex shops and stores servicing Australia.Whips and floggers are made generally made out of leather or nylon, the thinner the instrument generally the more pain it will inflict.

Butt Plugs Sex Toys

Butt plugs can be a sex toy used for both men and women. Unlike womens vaginas the butt/ass can have objects inserted and not come back out. So butt plugs have a flared ending to stop the sex toy from entering your body. Most users report the toy as being one of the most sexually stimulating tool in there sex collection. They come in a variety of color, shape and design. Some look like penisis some look like fists or even egg shapes are common. We recommend shopping around online and finding a toy you think will best match your sexual fetish.

This site has also been created for women, not just men. We believe a woman’s sexual appetite is just as strong as a man and we are pleased to showcase [products that cater for both genders.