I have to admit that I’ve been reading a lot of reviews on sex toys lately. All because I finally decided to buy my very first rabbit vibrator.

I won’t tell you my name and I won’t tell you my age. The only thing I will say is that in some places, I’m considered an adult, in some places I’m not. That should give you a clear idea of what I am – a teenager who is old enough to buy a sex toy.

My mom approves, by the way. In fact, I picked my toy and she ordered it for me.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” she asked me.

The rabbit vibrator I got was one of the cheapest ones in the market. It cost all of $15.74. I was just being practical. It was all I had saved up and I didn’t want to pester Mom for more money. She has a hard enough time paying the rent and putting food on the table.

My dad left us a long time ago, and my older brother got married two years ago. That leaves just me and my Mom at home. She works, I study.

This is no sob story, ok? We’re not rich but we’re not into food stamps either. We’re fine.

Actually, I’m more than fine now after I got my Bath Time Bunny. I know it’s a lot cheaper than most other rabbits in the market, so I wouldn’t know how good or how bad it is in comparison to others. All I know is that I’ve been getting the most delirious orgasms whenever I use it in the bath.

I’ve been masturbating for a few years now, and consider myself a healthy, horny teen. I’m still a virgin, but so what? I refuse to deny myself the pleasures of sex, and headed straight for a rabbit vibrator instead of going through the indirect path of first buying a dildo, then a vibrator, and finally a rabbit.

I’ve seen the pictures of many other rabbit vibrators. They may be pretty, but they’re just pictures. My Bath Time Bunny? She may not be much to look at, but looks can be deceiving as they say.

You don’t need to buy the expensive stuff to get the best kicks, folks. Sometimes it’s better to be practical.

I’m rating this rabbit four stars, but only because I haven’t tried any others. For all I know, I could already have the best.

Be sexier than the rest of the girls

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You want to hook that sexy hunk? In fact, do you want to hook as many hunks as possible? It’s easy. Just be sexually active.

This is not a Catch 22 situation. You can make yourself exceptionally attractive to the opposite sex by being sexually active because your body would be giving off more and more of those pheromones, which are natural chemicals that your body secretes. Pheromones can barely be detected, but their capacity to get guys to want you is unquestionable.

Being sexually active does not mean fucking many guys, ladies. Masturbating often works just as well. Your body still secretes pheromones when you pleasure yourself often. Every day isn’t a bad start. The point is to have orgasms on a regular basis, and what better way to do this than to have a wide selection of dildos and vibrators?

This is not an urban legend. Consider it an urban fact. Suburban and rural, even. Men will think you are more desirable than your peers without knowing why. The only thing they know is that you are so damn sexy that they will want you. Call it sex appeal, which has nothing to do with your physical looks. The men sense it immediately.

So if you have a new neighbor or a new office mate whom you want to have sex with, masturbate before accidentally running into him. He will sense that you are irresistible in bed, and we know you will be. It is all very scientific, but he does not have to know this. All he knows is that he has to have you. Soon.

How to Set the Stage for Multiple Orgasms

Sexually active women know that the best kind of sex is one where they achieve multiple orgasms. It is not clear how many orgasms an ordinary woman can have, although some clinical studies have discovered women who can have more than 20 orgasms in a single day.

That may be too high a target to go for. Realistically speaking, having anywhere from three to seven orgasms in a night of fabulous fucking is achievable. The one requirement is that the woman has to have a partner who really knows how to fuck.

No, he does not have to have a 10-inch dong or be a modern day Casanova. The basic requirement is that he be physically fit and must be willing to exert the extra effort for her to have that sought for multiple orgasm.

Part of being physically fit is for him to be able to keep himself from coming too soon.  His ability to keep it hard sets the stage for her trip to heaven.

If the couples are planning a special weekend of good loving, she can go for the multiple O by asking him to masturbate daily in the days leading up to the sex vacation. The constant practice will mean that he will not come after two seconds inside her.

Secondly, she can help herself by buying a retardant, either a cream or ointment that keeps his penis erect a little longer than usual. No to worry. The commercially available retardants are pretty safe, and won’t affect the pleasure he gets from fucking.

As a fallback position, if he still comes sooner than expected and she hasn’t had the desired multiple orgasms, she can use a vibrator or dildo. If he is a good guy, he can even take part in her quest.  Or, he can use his tongue instead of his penis to take her where she’s never gone before

What is a Vibrating Butt Plug?

Anal sex can be as good as vaginal sex because the anus is also an erogenous zone. Women (and men) who have used butt plugs will admit as much. The butt plugs that are commercially available can be called dildos for the anus.

So as modern technology turned the centuries-old dildo into the modern day vibrator, the natural progression is for the butt plugs of old to evolve into today’s vibrating butt plug. This new sex toy adds the pleasant vibrating action of vibrators to the anus and oh, how sweet it is. With the vibrating butt plugs, the anus is finally getting the attention it richly deserves.

The uninformed and the ignorant can make all the stupid jokes they like, but anyone who has not tried using a vibrating butt plug is missing out on some terrific sensations. Men, in particular, can enjoy this toy because it stimulates an area so near their prostate, or the male equivalent of the G-spot.

Picking the Right Rabbit Vibe for You

Anyone who knows her vibrators will surely have a trusty Rabbit toy among her collection of kinky tools. Before it was easy to buy a Rabbit vibrator since there are only a few models available, the most popular one being the one used by Charlotte in Sex and the City. Now the most famous sex toy in the world has mutated into different types which the Rabbit lover will surely go mad for. Unless you plan to buy the whole set of Rabbits, you surely need a guide on how to choose the right one for you.

For those with mondo cash to spare

If budget is not an issue with you, then shell out serious money for the Platinum Jack Rabbit. It comes in gold or silver and is equipped with features like six-speed shaft rotation and six-column metal beads.

For those who want hands-free fun

The Long Distance Dolphin is equipped with a remote control that can be used from as far as 20 feet. Let your lover control your orgasm with 108 patterns of speed, rotation, and vibration.

For those who dare to go anal

The bright red Orgasmic Double Dipper is made for serious anal fun. It has independent controls for each shaft, spinning pleasure beads, and anal attachment.

For those who want to strap it on

Bend over the boyfriend or indulge in some girl-to-girl action with the Jack Rabbit Vibe with Strap-on. Let the bunny ears tickle your clit and feel the sensational movement of the jelly-coated pearls.

Great Travel-ready Toys for Your Vacation

Just like any normal person, you spend some considerable time off to go to vacations. Why not make your time off more fun and relaxing by taking your sex toys with you for easy and accessible orgasms anytime, anywhere? Forget about packing those huge dildos and Rabbit vibrators. There are toys that are small and discreet enough to be hidden perfectly in your luggage.

Evolved Diamond Lustre

This three-inch beauty is one of the most popula small vibrators in the market. It works great for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation and is equipped with multiple speeds for optimum pleasure. From afar, this toy looks just like a lipstick, so go ahead and put it in your makeup kit.

Lelo Mia

For business travelers, the Lelo Mia is the perfect erotic companion. No batteries are needed for this baby and you can easily charge it from the USB port of your computer. So go ahead and charge it while you work on your business report.

We Vibe II

This very popular toy is perfect for both g-spot and clitoral stimulation and is small enough for travel bags. You can use this toy for solo pleasuring or during intercourse. You get three inches of insertable length and you can easily recharge it for a repeat performance.

Passionate Mood

Can’t live without your trusty Rabbit? No need to pack that monstrous vibrator, you can bring this little baby that can perform as well as your classic Rabbit. Passionate Mood is equipped with dual bullets in the stimulator, angled g-spot tip, and ten powerful functions.

Using Sex Toys to Conquer Sexual Tension

Spice up your sex life with sex toys.

People today are more stressed than ever because really, life is definitely harder compared to decades ago. People need all the pleasure and relaxation that they can get. If you can’t afford to go to luxurious vacations or extravagant shopping sprees, there is a better way to get your relaxation fix. All you need to do is use sex toys regularly. Seriously, having orgasms produce great health benefits that your body will definitely appreciate.

Women will totally benefit from having a dildo or vibrator for regular use. It doesn’t matter if she is single or has a regular partner. Sex toys can be used for both solo pleasure and intercourse. If you think your sex life is already good, then using toys will definitely make it hotter. Don’t forget to get a set of high quality lubricants for more comfortable and easier solo play.

Men should consider investing on toys like penis sleeves and cock rings. Of course, men can always use their hands for masturbation, but why not make it better by using masturbators that mimic the feel of real vaginas? It can make climax better and faster. Their women can also use the toys on them for more relaxing sex play.

While you are at it, why not explore the pleasures of anal play as well? Toys such as butt plugs and anal beads can make anal exploration more comfortable and enjoyable. They are very useful especially for ass virgins who would like to take some lessons first before doing actual anal sex.

Lesbian Toys for Ultimate Girl to Girl Satisfaction

Lesbians today have it so good. There are many options now for hot girl to girl satisfaction and they don’t really need men anymore to get awesome orgasms. Now there are lots of sex toys that can explore every nook and cranny of a woman’s erogenous zones and can be used with or without a partner. Lesbians don’t need to rely on just cunnilingus and fingering alone. Now they can get all sorts of penetrations that do not require a man’s help.

For lesbians (and straight women as well), vibrators and dildos have become their best friends. These can provide great orgasms minus the guilt and hassle. Vibrators can be used on both clitoral and vaginal stimulation and can provide all the orgasms that a woman needs. Dildos can be used for sex plays, where a lesbian can have the feeling of having sex with a man’s appendage. Strap on dildos are a must have for lesbian couples. It can be worn comfortably so that a woman can fuck her lesbian partner just like a man, and can assume all sorts of positions that a man and woman can do.

Lesbian partners can even have anal sex just like heterosexual couples. All they need is a strap on dildo to do the job. There are dildos specially made for anal play, which can be more comfortable and safe to use for backdoor fun. To make all this penetration more pleasurable, there are different types of lubricants available for every type of sex toy that they will use.

To make girl to girl play more safe and satisfying, both partners should exercise basic hygiene and cleanliness with their bodies and toys. Toys, especially those that are inserted in the vagina and anus, should always be cleaned before and after sex. If they have to share sex toys, putting condoms over them is a must.

Should pregnant women use female sex toys?

This is a fair question to ask. Some sectors of society believe that pregnant women should not have sex at all, which is one of the silliest notions we can think of.

Pregnant or not, women are still women. They still have their needs, not the least of which is sex. Luckily for the expectant mothers-to-be, the medical community is on their side.

Women can still enjoy sex up to the eighth month of pregnancy with no ill side effects. This is true for most cases. It is only when doctors advise against sex that they should pay heed. This advice is normally given to women having difficult pregnancies.

Our take on the matter is that pregnant women should just be extra careful with the use of female sex toys. They should make sure that their toys to be used should be really, really clean to totally avoid the risk of infection.

The use of female sex toys during pregnancy is a must for other reasons. Some women feel ugly and unattractive because they look different from their usual selves. Wrong. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things in the world. After the initial period where she experiences morning sickness, pregnant women actually bloom. The thought that they are about to give life makes this so.

If they have understanding partners in life, sex should continue despite their condition. It may not be as wild or as rough as when they are not expecting though.

And what of their female sex toys? There’s no need to keep them in storage. They can be enjoyed as much as before. You know what they say. Happy moms to be produce happy babies. What can be better than that?