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When vibrators overtook dildos as the most popular of all women’s sex toys some decades ago, some manufacturers were ready to sound the death knell for the oldest of all pleasure products.

They reasoned that vibrators were nothing more than dildos that had kept up with the times with the simple addition of a small motor to make it vibrate. One belonged to the past, while the other was the toy of the present.

There was some sense to such reasoning. More than a hundred years ago, the horse and carriage was the most popular and common means of transport. The coming of the car changed that. The carriage was still around, but in place of the horse was the internal combustion engine. Both car and carriage had four wheels, just as both dildo and vibrator are shaped like an erect penis.

Dildos and vibrators are also made of the same material, whether it is rubber jelly or silicone or any of the new man-made materials that resemble human skin.

The dildo has, however, proven the more resilient since dildos are still sold today along with vibrators, but with a greater range of material. There are, for example, glass dildos but no glass vibrators. Dildos also continue to be made of wood, which also cannot be done with vibrators. This is because glass and wood cannot be made to vibrate with the motors that power vibrators.

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Yet another reason for the continued popularity and staying power of the dildo is that some women prefer to use a non-vibrating representation of the penis because the male organ does not vibrate in real life. Dildos are, therefore, more realistic than vibrators.

And because dildos are powered by batteries or electricity and have multiple moving parts, the possibility of being damaged is greater than a non moving dildo. A dildo just sits and waits to serve. Left alone – in a cool, dry place, naturally – little can go wrong with the dildo.

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Women who prefer dildos say they feel more “comfortable” with the toy since it looks and feels like the cocks of their past or present partners. They can hold on to it as some kind of security blanket at night, and when the mood hits them, they can practice their fellatio skills on the toy.

Most young women buying their first ever sex toy will usually pick the dildo for several reasons. It is cheaper than a vibrator, and is less threatening. They can control their reactions to the toy, which is harder with a vibrator. Although vibrators admittedly are much better at inducing orgasms in women, newcomers to the world of sex toys generally like to play it safe. They can scream out loud – in pleasure! – when a vibrator does its magic on their clitoris, which they may not feel themselves ready for.

The dildo is, therefore, the safer choice. Once they “graduate” to the vibrator, women will still keep their dildos somewhere they can easily grab it. For them, having sex with their old dildo is not unlike fucking a former lover. It’s a distinctly unique and not unpleasant experience.

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