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Buying it would be the best decision you will ever made. Flirt and please your peculiar and special spots with the G-pod. This sex toy and your Hitachi are good team. They make your “pleasing yourself” session more enjoyable, more wild and more fun.

Drop the usual masturbation you are used to and say hello to something that stimulates your G-spot. Women melt when they talk about G-spot because it is one of their favorite spot they want to please time and time again. With this G-pod placed in your massager, you’re going to say hello to cloud nine in no time.

But mind you that this sex toy not only works for solo session but also with partner. Like the usual partner toy, hand this sex toy to him and let him take control while you take your time enjoying the moment. Let him enjoy the fun looking for your G-spot.

This one works best with your water based lubricant. It makes the insertion more pleasing, luscious and easy. And once it is inserted, it perfectly wedge to your G-spot that is exactly where it should be.

Another feature is the clitoral stimulator. This G-pod works lovely with your clits make you come satisfactorily.


Adult Sex Toys

Black Label Sex Toys – This is an amazing business that provides only the highest quality sex toys for adults online in Australia. Their stock is always the most recent in the business and the majority of their products have been either designed or made in the US.

Adult Shop

Adult – is Australian and definitely the highest quality supplier in Australian adult fun. Their online store stocks absolutely ever sex product you could ever wish to enter your bedroom. This company has been in the adult scene for over 15 years and quite simply keeps doing it better with no real competition in the Australian online sexy shop toy market. Specializing in high-class dildo’s and strapon’s Adult Shop also gives expert advice when the buyer is unsure of which device to purchase for their bedroom. They accept credit card, pay pal and over the telephone payments.

Galss dildo for anal play
Femplay Adult Toys

Female Play – Female play is an amazing online store that targets directly the needs of any and every woman inside the bedroom. Whether you are a lady who is into kink, vanilla sex or straight up hardcore dildo action this site is for you. From bondage ropes to handcuffs this online sex shop has it all. Their large selection of Japanese rope play is probably the finest selection available online. Catering for women allows this company to provide some extremely sexy and classy devices. The store is not just for lesbians but also straight women who would like to steer away from the seedy adult world. Pay Pal and credit card are accepted with there price ranging from $30.00-$3,000 this is a high-class supplier.

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Clit Tickler Sex Toys She Will Love

The popular Magic wand vibrator made its debut on 1970s and since then it becomes every woman’s bestfriend. This sex toy has garnered hordes of women fans around the world for 25 years already. For years it made women across the globe feel happy, satisfied and special. With this magic wand, women feel the royal treatment they always deserve.

The magic of this wand is it dependably and faithfully renders the most knock-down orgasms you’ll experience in your sex life. It is specially designed for external use for vibrating the vulva and clitoral realms. It can make you come again and again and again. Her power is incomparable to any other sex toy you had before.

To spice up the usual love making with your boy, you can use magic wand during foreplay. It’s super groovy for teasing, and for pushed orgasms, if power play is what you have in mind. You better hand it to your boyfriend, let him turn you on, awaken the wild in you and enjoy the ride. You can also try it to your boyfriend by rubbing it to any body part of his that you think might titillate him. Explore what and where makes him want you more and what makes him be more wilder with the help of the wand. This will definitely make sex last for hours.

Unlike any other sex toy, magic wand doesn’t need batteries but you just have to plug it. You don’t have to worry about battery replacement when you are in the middle of the excitement.

with a booklet with suggested positions that you can choose from.

The design of cone vibrator is unisex so everyone, regardless of gender, can use it and enjoy the throbbing, entirely hands-free sensations.

For best result, use any non-silicone lubricant. Try a water-based lube such as Liquid Silk.

The only toy that can give you G-spot, clitoral, and overall erogenous zone stimulation is Eilium. This sex toy is perfect for you solo indulgence or stimulating for use by couples during foreplay. It will make your partner go gaga with desire. Eilium is both exceptionally quiet and powerful enough to give vibrations right from the tip.

Eilium sex toy is superb when it comes to design and functionality. This toy is made of 100% medical-grade, high-quality silicone that gives Eilium the firm yet soft and smooth feel. This material is the finest and most dependable material that can be applied on erotic products. Eilium is one of the brilliant ideas of Feelz Toys. And reputation wise, Feelz Toys is dependable and reliable.

Silicone feels as soft as natural skin, warms quickly and stays warm longer than other materials. The material is odourless, flavourless, non-porous and softener-free. Furthermore, our products are all hypoallergenic, and are easy to clean with simple warm water and mild soap.

Operating the toy is never complicated but rather easy. Eilium has a little switch that lets you control the vibration comfortably by just turning the switch on and off.

This toy comes with a well and decent designed box that is perfect as a gift. It looks decent because it has no pictures of naked woman, or a woman gone wild or whatsoever in the box. You won’t get embarrassed when you carry it around after you buy it.

The Best In Clit Ticler Sex Toys Australia

Have the freedom to stimulate and pleasure yourself anywhere and anytime. The remote control panty is a brilliant, powerful and revolutionary sex toy for women on the go. The idea pleasuring yourself in a public place is such a turn on, and absolutely this is the perfect product to do such a thing.

The bullet vibrator has been skillfully and cleverly designed to take into consideration the female anatomy. The panty has a compartment for the removable vibrating bullet that operated by a remote control. The bullet vibrator is activated by a click to the switch on the pocket-sized remote control.

This fantastic sex toy has a control range of 15-20 feet! So your lover can drive you crazy even he is across the room. Hand the remote control to your lover and let him surprise you. All you have to do is enjoy the excitement. It is designed for discreet use, so you can wear it under your favorite dress. No one will suspect that you are wearing one or when you are pleasuring yourself even in a crowd. This sex toy can surely take your pleasure wherever you go.

What also makes it discreet is its quietness when it vibrates. Which is another factor why other people won’t get notice that you are actually stimulating your self or when you lover does.

Included in the package are the batteries. The panty is powered by two AA batteries, while the controller is powered by one 12 volt.

Combine with your imagination, explore your capacity of pleasure by exploring using Synergy Vibrator. What is exciting about this product are the attachments with its respective functions. You can choose from Beaded Ball, G-spot, Cup and ridges, Rabbit Flutter and Dual Navigator Attachments.

Beaded Ball attachment has an adaptable rounded head with textured nodules for pin point erogenous zone stimulation.

G-spot attachment is specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot area simultaneously to strengthen orgasms.

Dual Navigator attachment can be used by placing the cup over the nipples or clitoris for strong localized vibration. This soft pointed head massages the erogenous zones.

Cup & Ridges attachment can be used to any erogenous zones. You can apply it anywhere that feels pleasurable.

Rabbit Flutter attachment has specially designed fluttering “ears” that provide powerfully pleasurable direct clitoral stimulation.

When you explore, you will discover that some attachments are also pleasurable on nipples, perineum, inner thigh and other erogenous zones.

It is rechargeable and cordless so you won’t have any trouble pleasuring yourself or your partner.

Small but terrible! Triple Clit Flicker is going to be your next favorite sex toy.

Male uses it to hold his erection when he feels vibrations and the female will love the vibrating tickler. It is designed to heighten erection performance at the same time pleasing your partner. It’s a pleasurable experience for both.

Triple Clit Flicker is a wireless sex toy with a robust arousing drive for an extra pleasure for you and your lover during love making. The soft erection enhancer is worn on man’s cock and the flickering tongue caresses the clit of the woman. It is soft, flexible and durable that easily stretches to fit any man’s penis. The soft jelly ring entrance is 1.25 inches wide and easily stretches to fit.

For women during solo performance, you can put this ring on your own vibrator to delight yourself for an extra clitoral pleasure. This will make your ordinary vibrator into a sexually fulfilling pleasure toy!

What is so surprising about this little wonder is that its vibration is amazingly strong for its size. This toy perfectly works with the help of compatible lubricant with this product.

This site has also been created for women, not just men. We believe a woman’s sexual appetite is just as strong as a man and we are pleased to showcase [products that cater for both genders.

When you need extra clitoral stimulation choose a particularly designed clitoral vibrator to achieve sexual pleasure and orgasm. And today, Pocket Rocket Vibrator is the most discussed sex toy because of its 4 inches size that makes it the most portable sex companion in the planet. Discretion appearance is one of the features that women are looking for. Because Pocket rocket vibrator looks like something you use everyday like lipstick or massager so there is no shame for you to carry it everywhere. You can just toss it to your wallet, purse or medicine kits.

Also women are surprise of the vibration powered by just an AA battery. Powered only by a single AA battery, it’s not a pricey vibe to power. Imagine, by just a single AA battery, this portable rocket vibrator can give you an erotic sensation and bring you to orgasm.

Aside from the joy its gives your clitoris, you can also explore your other erogenous zones. Other users find the excitement when they use it on their nipples, inner thighs and abdomens. One exciting discovery about this toy is that adventurous men love pocket rocket vibrator too! Men found the bliss with this amazing toy when they apply it in their penis or testicles. But be careful, some testicles are sensitive. One technique is by covering it with a cloth and experiment on what sensation gives you the ecstasy.