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The best phone sex services in OZ

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The best phone sex services in OZ

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Call now to access the best phone sex chat hotline’s commonly. Our website is full of real profiles and who’s callers are sexed crazed men and women. At Usreview we offer great call rates starting at $4.50 per minute + GST. Calling USREVIEW you will be speaking to a sexy hot woman using who will make your sexual fantasy seem real on your call. Who Is Australias sexiest man? click here to speak to him and enjoy a call to this hot man. When you call USREVIEW you will be speaking to a real girl who’s profile is exactly as they look in real life. The phone sex industry is largely unmonitored but can be a world of hot sexy action should you choose to call. We provide a directory and erotic review page you can turn to when in doubt.

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  2. Our call rates are $4.50 plus GST Call Rates to mobiles may be higher.
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There are many reasons both genders, women, and men embark on hot paid sex chat work over the telephone. 

When asked why she started adult telephone chat work her response was sharp and clear “money of course”. Mrs. Grey then went on to explain her background and how a previous divorce had left her impoverished with two children.

Mrs. Grey stated she ” knew a lady who lived down the road who earned a few hundred dollars a week extra as a telephone operator for a live adult chat company”.

Stating that “this little bit of extra income made it possible for her to not have to take up a second job”. Later explaining that staying home with her two kids on the weekend was her number 1 priority.

What To Say During Your XXX Adult Call

Have fun, smile!! As an employee and a woman, you can tell if the other person chatting is having a good time on the call.

  1. Be sexual, at the end of the day phone sex is another form of sex. We as women want foreplay that is sexy and provocative. Don’t rush, create anticipation.
  2. Allocate a budget before your call. The most immense calamity is when I start speaking to a client regularly and then the contact suddenly ceases. Subsequently receiving a call from the client a month later saying “sorry but I overspent and could not afford to speak to you”. We do not want to send you into insolvency.
  3. Enquire as to what type of hot sex chat we are into. Enquire and ask is it rough, kinky, girls, lesbians, BDSM, nurse play that you are into. Discovering a style of sexual compatibility goes a long way in making the call profoundly erotic. If we talk about what we are into the adult chat will turn XXX and sexually highly erotic naturally without effort.
  4. Be respectful, when someone calls up for a hot chat we as phone sex operators naturally want to just have hot sexy fun. As a rule of thumb what you put out you will receive tenfold.

We have put together a list of the best phone sex companies in Australia:

With some companies posting fake profile pictures of their workers and blatantly deceiving the general public. We have put together a list of real and verified Australian phone sex businesses.

We provide reviews on great phone sex businesses in Australia

  1. Business Building – 1902 228 327 this is an amazing business that provides call services to executives and high flyers. It is a chat room service for adults that is not sleazy and guarantees you fun.
  2. Catholic Students – 1902 229 491 a wild time is always happening here. For the kinky and erotic minded people who love to play and experiment. Australian owned and based in Sydney this site will get you off.
  3. Advanced Care 1902 999 345 – A caring platform that is aimed at men who are lonely and want female companionship not just something kinky. Based in Australia the girls are real and there to listen.