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How To Have Extraordinary Phone Sex TIPS

Meet Normal Women For Sexy Adult Chat

The best phone sex services in OZ

How To Have ExtraordinaryPhone Sex TIPS

Meet Normal Women For Adult Sexy Chat  

The best phone sex services in OZ

Sexy Fun Adult Service

How To Have Live Chat with real guys & Girls over the phone

Entertaining the idea that over the phone is just as good as real-life fun?

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Mobile sex Talk on the phone Has Changed.

Live instant cams and text messaging services now allow you to see who you are talking to.


What to expect from a new Sexual Experience

Think of connecting to other adults who are in the mood for an instant adult chat.


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How To have amazing Experiences with Fetish on the phone and on  Webcam 

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Phone Sex Tips & How To Have Fun

The general public largely thinks of phone sex commonly as a sleazy website that is full of counterfeit profiles and who’s callers are hopeless old men. Unexpectedly many adult chat workers verbalize that the most profitable and most predominant callers are in fact middle-aged men who are lonely and feeling dejected.

There are many reasons both genders, women, and men embark on paid sex work over the telephone. We followed a lady, who we will leave her name anonymous and call her Mrs. Grey.

When asked why she started phone sex work her response was sharp and clear “money of course”. Mrs. Grey then went on to explain her background and how a previous divorce had left her impoverished with two children.

Mrs. Grey stated she ” knew a lady who lived down the road who earned a few hundred dollars a week extra as a telephone operator for a live adult chat company”.

Stating that “this little bit of extra income made it possible for her to not have to take up a second job”. Later explaining that staying home with her two kids on the weekend was her number 1 priority.

Mrs. Grey Top 5 Sex Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Phone Call

  1. Have fun, smile!! As an employee and a woman, you can tell if the other person is having a good time.
  2. Be sexual, at the end of the day phone sex is another form of sex. We as women want foreplay that is sexy and provocative. Don’t rush, create anticipation.
  3. Allocate a budget before your call. The most immense calamity is when I start speaking to a client regularly and then the contact suddenly ceases. Subsequently receiving a call from the client a month later saying “sorry but I overspent and could not afford to speak to you”. We do not want to send you into insolvency.
  4. Enquire as to what type of sex we are into. Enquire and ask is it rough, kinky, girls, lesbians, BDSM, nurse play that you are into. Discovering a style of sexual compatibility goes a long way in making the call profoundly erotic. If we talk about what we are into the adult chat will turn XXX and sexually highly erotic naturally without effort.
  5. Be respectful, when someone calls up and they are not obeisant, courteous and cheerful we as phone sex operators naturally want to just hang up the phone. As a rule of thumb what you put out you will receive tenfold.

Mrs. Grey First Over the Telephone Sexual Experience & How To Have Phone Sex

“I was immediately thrown into the deep end. I telephoned the company that had recommended to me. A manager company rang back within an hour. I spoke to the manager who asked me a few general questions then asked if I would take a call and have them listen in”. I said “yes” and the employment commenced promptly.

A call came through within minutes. It was a man who just wanted to talk. He didn’t even mention the word sex or anything with a sexual connotation. The caller was somewhat pleasant, very well mannered and it was blatantly obvious he just needed some companionship. I soothed the caller and spoke mainly about his work anxiety, frustrations and pay demotion. Again as hard as it is to believe nothing of a sexual nature entered the conversation.

At the end of the call, I was thrilled I had earned $100 for just a normal chat and the manager hired me on the spot.

We also questioned what made a phone sex call fun for the operator? Mrs. Grey replied, “ getting to know your client is not just a sexual experience but at times can be an emotional experience and that is the most rewarding part of the job”. NSW QLD VIC TAS WA NT SA