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Phone Sex In Australia

$4.50 per min inc GST Maybe higher from mobiles. Credit Card 02 8423 0078        

The best phone sex services in OZ

Phone Sex In Australia

$4.50 per min inc GST Maybe higher from mobiles. Credit Card 02 8423 0078     

The best phone sex services in OZ

Sexy Fun Adult Service

#1 Australia Mobile Phone Sex & Adult Chat Service Provider

Phone Sex Australia, If you have tried other adult mobile telecommunications services and found them lacking, please look no further than Usreview. Our call costs are competitive, but more importantly, our GIRLS are real.

We have a highly sexual team of babes. Their sole purpose is to provide a high-quality sexual service in Mature Live Adult Chat Entertainment. USREVIEW pride’s its business on having sourced the hottest babes in the phone sex Australia market. Our business is proud to have been awarded the adult service provider 0f the year 2016 & 2017 in OZ. USREVIEW phone sex business is fastly growing at a rapid rate. We are always here to help our loyal clients and value or frequent callers for adult chat.

USREVIEW is now, without a doubt, the number one choice for XXX communication with our lines open 24/7. Whether you are after a quickie or a longer sensual session our service will please you guaranteed. Our babes are available for your sexual fantasy now.  All fetishes are welcome, with a strict no aggressive, violent or illegal sexual acts are allowed. USREVIEW is the fastest growing telecommunications business in Sydney Australia averaging over 100 calls per day to our babes. Our girls are dirty, horny and simply love sex so do not be scared we love it. We provide services for Sydney NSW, Melbourne Victoria, Adelaide SA, and Brisbane QLD every state in the country can access our services. USREVIEW has invested in the best technology available for phone sex. Your call is guaranteed to be crystal clear and we have the best android software available for video calls. If you’re calling from Melbourne, the area code needs to be changed. Push the dial button, and one of our operators will answer. We represent the real Phone Sex Australian experience.

Aussie Sex Adult Mobile Phone Chat Services Aus Lets Talk!

USREVIEW phone babes are put through the most rigorous training available in the Sydney Australian market. Call one of our babes NOW!

Our girls are sexy, beautiful, horny and highly trained in the art of sexual pleasure and will cater to your desired fetish. Specializing in Adult fetishes over the phone we can’t wait to hear your fantasy. Our babes love what you’re into and are looking forward to your call. We encourage you to take pride in your sexuality and to feel good about yourself.

Phone sex in Australia is an agreement between two or more people, and we want to assure you our ladies are high class and can provide incredible sexual gratification the Australian way. Your fetish and fantasy must be legal.

Check out our online sex shop full of adult toys. Call NOW TO Speak To One Our Real Girls  1902 999 345 

Free Australian Mobile Phone Sex Provide

All of our babes are available to the general public. You must be 18+years old. If your new and unsure of how to conduct yourself on a live adult chat here are some guidelines:

  • Be friendly to our sex babes.
  • Know what your sexual fantasy is before making your call.
  • Set a budget aside or pay by credit card prior.
  • Look through the babe’s profile prior to your call.
  • Make sure you are in a quiet spot with great reception.
  • Don’t be shy, we expect masturbation and sexually explicit words over your telephone call our women are experienced.
  • Sex over the phone is fun and can be however you dreamed prior to the call.

AUS women can be some of the most exciting orgasmic online experience available in Girls Of OZ. We have found clients all over the world love our girls.

If being naughty online is your desire we are here to help however we can on the phone. We believe in play full talk, and we think no matter what it is our job to please the client however we can. It is our goal to make you cum and have an experience no other woman can provide. We are proud to be the best provider in the Aus region. We are pleased to have a direct number you can call our Aussie anytime. Our girls are live and ready to be the Australian top go-to place for digital entertainment.

Call A Real Australian Girl Now

We all know some web pages do not put real images of women up on their site. When you make a call to USREVIEW you are guaranteed that the image you see is the exact image of the girl you are having phone sex with.

Calling our lines:

  • USREVIEW guarantees your call will be answered;
  • A sexy voice will warmly welcome you and make you feel like the center of her world;
  • Our hotline will always have call girls who look exactly like their images
  • Our women will never sound scripted on your call

Live Adult Telephone Sex Chat Service Aussie Elite Babes

We not only provide Australia with the best sexy babes mobile experience, but we also help most countries overseas enjoy what every person should be able to enjoy. If you are sick of paying for fakes our girls are 100% real.

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Free Aussie Sexy Mobile Talk 

If you’re looking for the premium adult experience, we can cater to your needs no sleazy high-end adult services.

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The USREVIEW Sexual Experience Guarantee Aus

USREVIEW guarantees the best REAL live adult phone sex babes entertainment performance across Australia. Check out our live adult chat.

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Chat live, mobile or from your desktop, these hot cams women love to play dirty.

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See some of the best sex in Australia captured live.

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Telephone Sexual Adult Chat Fantasy in Sydney Australia TODAY

This site is for 18 years + only we do not accept anyone under 18. Our numbers are easy to locate on our site.

USREVIEW check’s that all of its workers are of legal age in Australia. Being in the adult free chat industry we make xxx movies available to you. Our babes individually hold the right and legal responsibility to refuse service. Phone Sex Australia can be a fantastic experience, and we want to make your sexual fantasies come to reality our Aussie operators are the sexy, stunning and intelligent.

USREVIEW wants you to explore your sexuality without shame. We provide that business platform in which you can make a none poor connection, without feeling dirty about your sexuality. We aim to put talk fun back into your life.

We are no sexist in any way and provide services for gay women and gay men. To inquire about different fetishes, please call now. All our beautiful ladies are disease free we are just a phone call away.

We are the number 1 service provider for online phone sex in Australia including telephone 3G digital and other adult chat services. Making your desires come true in Aus.

If you would like to give our amazingly hot girls a trying venture to our girl’s page and choose the sexy woman you would want to talk to, our girls are real and all match the photos we put on our site. We cater to Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and every suburb in Australia.

What our clients say:

“Usreview blew my mind and was cheap” by Matt.

“The girls at Us-review were real, and I could only recommend more Australians use the service” By Adam.

“Aussie girls have never sounded so good I had the time of my life” Written By Sando’s.

“Australian Live Chat has never been as good as what Us-review offer the best money I have ever spent on a sex service ” By Damon

We have partners all over the world and highly recommend several providers of phone sex.

We all have experienced bad online providers we are committed to bringing you an honest upfront wild internet experience that will blow your mind every day of the week. We do have a refund policy if you are not satisfied, please contact us and let us know. By giving us a direct call and telling us about your phone sex in Australia complaint..

The history of sex On The Phone in the 1970’s

Gloria Leonard is known to be the first person to use “976” and “900” numbers the equivalent of 1902 numbers in Australia. She worked for the high society magazine. She started by recording dirty sexy messages that informed her readers of snippets of content that would appear in her next publications of high society magazine. She convinced her business partner to purchase more of these numbers and they were both blown away by the number of calls and demand for phone sex in the US market.

Originally phone sex operators were set up in teams within call centers with live performers or automated messages. To call one was simple and easy for many years. Thousands of people across the world enjoyed the erotic easy to use, fun and sexually adventurous alternative to mundane lovemaking with their wife or partner. The industry really exploded when Spike Lee made his movie about adult chat babes in the US.

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18+ call cost $4.50/min higher from pay/mobile phones. Provided by XXXPSTV. May receive free offers via sms.